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Neo Kuma



ABOUT neo kuma ventures

Neo Kuma Ventures invests in market disruptors and category leaders at the forefront of psychedelic healthcare. They are a thesis driven VC fund with a focus on early stage investments in psychedelic medicine.

Psychedelic medicines derived from or inspired by plants or fungi found in nature have the potential to redefine how mental health conditions could be treated over the course of the next decade. WHO estimates that ~10% of the world's population (~800m) suffer from anxiety, depression, or substance abuse. The market for antidepressants in the USA alone is circa $15 billion pa, with mental illness costing the economy over $16 trillion by 2030. Traditional medicines like benzodiazepines have proven damaging and addictive; the search for natural low-risk treatments is a priority.

With applications for anxiety, depression, and addiction, the market opportunity for psychedelic compounds is enormous. A general shift towards more holistic approaches to healthcare will also buoy the sector.

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