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ABOUT kodypay

KodyPay is a new mobile point of sale app and payment aggregator. Its technology allows users to pay for goods in-store without queueing: making shopping a prompt and effortless process. As an Omni-commerce driven platform, KodyPay revolutionises the way we shop safely in a post-COVID society. Its contact-free process can achieve significant savings for both businesses and customers. By removing bulk hardware such as tills and printers, transaction fees can be reduced. Best of all, customers save time without the need to queue. Customers can choose to use e-wallets, pay-later providers, or simply use card payments. They can also collect reward points to donate to a charity of their choice, giving back to the less fortunate.

KodyPay aids business needs by allowing them to create their own in-store checkout experience as part of our electronic point-of-sale system. A highlight of EPOS is the ability for it to reduce environmental waste. We crucially aim to reduce all waste: waste of time, money, paper, unnecessary contact. Working under this ethos can help to improve both customer and merchant experience in the retail and hospitality sphere.

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